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marine   survey   is  a  critical  examination  or   inspection  of  marine
vessels  for a  specific  purpose. the surveyor is an independent expert whose value is in   remaining impartial when overseeing the claim. his action is mainly  focused  on the examination  of the  vessels  or a part
of its cargos or equipments to determine its conditions, responsibility for  damages  and  dispositions  to  be  made. the surveyor you choose should be the best to protect your safety and investment, his discretion and technical skills to establish the cause of loss or damage, assess the degree of  damage  and provide a complete picture of the situation in a report are also  required  as an  important  criteria; that's why you must choose  him  wisely  so  as to  also  help  you deal with your important

office : angle bd goulmima et
rue beni aamir n°6 1 st floor
casablanca morocco.
gsm  : +
phone: +
fax    : +

e-mail : mt.apag@wanadoo.net.ma

apag lloyd is one of the reliable marine and cargo surveys in morocco
providing   quality   services   to his  customers  since many  years ago. it is
based in  casablanca  and have  also a  perform  in  other  major moroccan
ports   such   as   mohammedia,  jorf-lasfar,  safi ,   agadir  and   tangier
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